Decorative Soldering

Learn to use solder to add texture and dimension to your copper foil projects. Techniques such as beading, stippling, splatering, drawing, and jewel setting will be covered.

*Please Note: You will need to prepare a decorative soldering practice panel before attending this class. This panel will not be provided, please remember to bring it with you. Instructions are as follows:

The practice panel is to be comprised of eight, 2" x 10" pieces of 1/8th inch standard glass (clear or colored). Foil each of the eight pieces with 7/32" copper foil (any backing color is fine) and solder together creating 10" wide by 16" tall panel. Bead the seams front and back with solder. Again please do not forget to bring your practice panel to class.

You will also need to bring your soldering iron with 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8" soldering tips, soldering iron base, temperature controller (if not Weller 100), one spool of 63/37 solder, and one spool of Quickset solder. Flux is provided.

Class Hours:

This is a 2 hour session and occurs as scheduled.


Previous soldering experience required.

Class Fee:

$40.00 per student.

There is a minimum enrollment of three persons for this class.

The Tina Roberts Signature Kits

Tina has assembled two packages containing all of the essential glass working tools used by professionals and hobbyists alike. The Tina Roberts Signature Kits are not available by retail. These special kits are only available by taking an Intermediate Class through Tina Roberts Studios©. Everything is included in the course price! Click here for more information.